Ukemi From The Ground Up

Basic Principals of the Sword & First 5 Kumitachi of Saotome Sensei

An Aikido Seminar with Terry Dobson
Zanshin and Ma-ai in Aikido

Aikido and The Five Rings of Miyamoto Musashi

Applying The Universal Laws: The Secrets of Conscious Creation
Fools Rush In: A Clown Wedding

Remembering Terry Dobson
Our Wedding Vows Renewed 

Elaine Aron - A Talk on High Sensitivity
Vi! A Personal History

Psychotherapy and The Highly Sensitive Person

(Camera Operator, Editor at Unity of Walnut Creek, all years)

A Colorado Autumn

The Highly Sensitive Person: An Interview with Dr. Elaine Aron
The Undervalued Self
Highly Sensitive Boys and Men: An Interview with Dr. Ted Zeff
The Volunteer Center of the East Bay
A Sense of Wonder

BePeace (The Connection Practice) at Oakley Elementary School
*Teaching Feelings and Needs
The Music of BePeace
Welcome To Rasur Foundation International
Into The Amazon
Be The Star You Are - Moraga Pear Festival
In Memory of Mark Abrahamian - The Memorial Service

Elaine Aron - A Talk on High Sensitivity Part 1 of 3: Research
Elaine Aron - A Talk on High Sensitivity Part 2 of 3: Life
Elaine Aron - A Talk on High Sensitivity Part 3 of 3: Questions (Excerpts)
On Forgiveness and Healing with Sheila Gautreaux

*Introduction to The Connection Practice
What People Are Saying About The Connection Practice
The Connection Practice At Work
Heartsmarts with 5th Graders
*Mario Fundraiser
*Journey to Canada
*JS - Ambition for 'Sensitive The Untold Story'
*JS - Thoughts

Completely Connected: The Magic of Combining Empathy and Insight
*Completely Connected: The Book
* BePeace Camp 2014
*An Invitation from Rita Marie Johnson
*Tribute to Marshall Rosenberg
The Connection Practice
*Using the Collective Approach to Empathy and Insight
Karen Drucker - Message to HSPs
Della's 100th Birthday Celebration
*Interview With Carl Nofuente
Fashion Knit Grand Opening

*A Visit
*A Hospice Visit
Della Rounds - Her Life and Times
Behind The Scenes (City Channel/Pleasant Hill) - March
Behind The Scenes (City Channel/Pleasant Hill) - April 2
Behind The Scenes (City Channel/Pleasant Hill) - May
Behind The Scenes (City Channel/Pleasant Hill) - August 17
Behind The Scenes (City Channel/Pleasant Hill) -August 22
Behind The Scenes (City Channel/Pleasant Hill) - October
Behind The Scenes (City Channel/Pleasant Hill) - December
A Glimpse of London
*Jayne Sofiano - A personal History
*Jayne Sofiano - In depth
Tell Your Story (Excerpts of Jayne Sofiano's story)
For Rev. David 
Give Me Jazz!
*Tina Greenbaum
*Connection Mediation
*Stand Up Honesty
*The Circle of Empathy
*Coaching The Connection Practice
*Four Ears

*Feelings and Needs
*Heart-Brain Insight
*Introduction to the Connection Practice Training
*Using the EmWave Software
Unity Summit Welcome Address
*Sample of Acting Class
*BCM Interviews 
*The Essence of Acting
*Connection Practice Promo
Ode To the Warriors
*David McArthur - Accessing Wisdom
*Coaching The Connection Path
*Julia Shinn
The Ohlone Way - Four Directions
Welcome To Indian Canyon

The Highly Sensitive Child with Dr. Ted Zeff
  (produced for Congreso Alta Sensibilidad in Spain)   
Sensory Processing Sensitivity with Dr. Elaine Aron
Ascension - a short video of the Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Elaine Aron - A Talk On High Sensitivity (Spanish subtitles)
Elaine Aron - A Talk on High Sensitivity: Complete Questions and Answers 
La Persona Altamente Sensible

Volunteering at The Plant Exchange
De La Salle High School 2019 Athletic Hall of Fame Video
McGuire Harley Davidson (30 sec. commercial)

The Connection Practice - Emotional First Aid For Our Time

De La Salle High School 2020 Athletic Hall of Fame Video

* Many of the YouTube/Vimeo videos are unlisted or private, according to the wishes of the clients.