Ukemi From The Ground Up

Basic Principals of the Sword & First 5 Kumitachi of Saotome Sensei

An Aikido Seminar with Terry Dobson
Zanshin and Ma-ai in Aikido

Aikido and The Five Rings of Miyamoto Musashi

Applying The Universal Laws: The Secrets of Conscious Creation
Fools Rush In: A Clown Wedding

Remembering Terry Dobson
Our Wedding Vows Renewed 

Elaine Aron - A Talk on High Sensitivity
Vi! A Personal History

Psychotherapy and The Highly Sensitive Person

(Camera Operator, Editor at Unity of Walnut Creek, all years)

A Colorado Autumn

The Highly Sensitive Person: An Interview with Dr. Elaine Aron
The Undervalued Self
Highly Sensitive Boys and Men: An Interview with Dr. Ted Zeff
The Volunteer Center of the East Bay
A Sense of Wonder

BePeace (The Connection Practice) at Oakley Elementary School
*Teaching Feelings and Needs
The Music of BePeace
Welcome To Rasur Foundation International
Into The Amazon
Be The Star You Are - Moraga Pear Festival
In Memory of Mark Abrahamian - The Memorial Service

Elaine Aron - A Talk on High Sensitivity Part 1 of 3: Research
Elaine Aron - A Talk on High Sensitivity Part 2 of 3: Life
Elaine Aron - A Talk on High Sensitivity Part 3 of 3: Questions (Excerpts)
On Forgiveness and Healing with Sheila Gautreaux

*Introduction to The Connection Practice
What People Are Saying About The Connection Practice
The Connection Practice At Work
Heartsmarts with 5th Graders
*Mario Fundraiser
*Journey to Canada
*JS - Ambition for 'Sensitive The Untold Story'
*JS - Thoughts

Completely Connected: The Magic of Combining Empathy and Insight
*Completely Connected: The Book
* BePeace Camp 2014
*An Invitation from Rita Marie Johnson
*Tribute to Marshall Rosenberg
The Connection Practice
*Using the Collective Approach to Empathy and Insight
Karen Drucker - Message to HSPs
Della's 100th Birthday Celebration
*Interview With Carl Nofuente
Fashion Knit Grand Opening

*A Visit
*A Hospice Visit
Della Rounds - Her Life and Times
Behind The Scenes (City Channel/Pleasant Hill) - March
Behind The Scenes (City Channel/Pleasant Hill) - April 2
Behind The Scenes (City Channel/Pleasant Hill) - May
Behind The Scenes (City Channel/Pleasant Hill) - August 17
Behind The Scenes (City Channel/Pleasant Hill) -August 22
Behind The Scenes (City Channel/Pleasant Hill) - October
Behind The Scenes (City Channel/Pleasant Hill) - December
A Glimpse of London
*Jayne Sofiano - A personal History
*Jayne Sofiano - In depth
Tell Your Story (Excerpts of Jayne Sofiano's story)
For Rev. David 
Give Me Jazz!
*Tina Greenbaum
*Connection Mediation
*Stand Up Honesty
*The Circle of Empathy
*Coaching The Connection Practice
*Four Ears

*Feelings and Needs
*Heart-Brain Insight
*Introduction to the Connection Practice Training
*Using the EmWave Software
Unity Summit Welcome Address
*Sample of Acting Class
*BCM Interviews 
*The Essence of Acting
*Connection Practice Promo
Ode To the Warriors
*David McArthur - Accessing Wisdom
*Coaching The Connection Path
*Julia Shinn
The Ohlone Way - Four Directions
Welcome To Indian Canyon

The Highly Sensitive Child with Dr. Ted Zeff
  (produced for Congreso Alta Sensibilidad in Spain)   
Sensory Processing Sensitivity with Dr. Elaine Aron
Ascension - a short video of the Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Elaine Aron - A Talk On High Sensitivity (Spanish subtitles)
Elaine Aron - A Talk on High Sensitivity: Complete Questions and Answers 

Volunteering at The Plant Exchange
De La Salle High School Athletic Hall of Fame Video
McGuire Harley Davidson (30 sec. commercial)

* Many of the YouTube/Vimeo videos are unlisted or private, according to the wishes of the clients.